Explore the exciting world of CAMS!


What is CAMS?

 CAMS is a multi-user graphical front end trading system, designed for small to medium sized stock brokerage companies to handle trades in the Hong Kong Exchange stock market Users of CAMS can place and manage orders through easy-to-use CAMS terminals and it will communicate with HKEx to handle all the dirty work for you, all behind the scenes!


Why use CAMS?  

CAMS is all about helping you do your work more efficiently with less risks. CAMS comes with a highly user-friendly and intuitive user interface. Your account executives can pickup the system in a matter of minutes. Common and frequent tasks such as orders placing can be accomplished with a minimum amount of keystrokes. The keys are laid out in such a way that the user does not even have to take their eyes off the screen, with visual feedbacks from CAMS along each step, along with a sophisticated risk control system, the A/E’s can handle orders both swiftly and accurately.


What can CAMS do for you?

Risks Assessment  
One of the most important feature of any front end trading systems, with one click of a button, CAMS users can examine the portfolio of any of their clients. Better yet, CAMS uses this formation for risk control behind the scene, so you can spend more time to deal on investment strategies instead of monotonic risk management.

Market Information at your Finger Tips 
OG-enabled CAMS provides up-to-the-second market information on each stock. CAMS also comes with seamless integration with leading online market information providers such as AASTOCKS, e-finet and AFE to increase productivity and reduce human mistakes.

CAMS is designed for broker firms with multiple account executives (A/E), allowing each to place/modify orders from their computer anytime and anywhere with Internet access, such as a Starbucks Coffee cafe. Having mobile A/Es reduces your running costs as A/Es no longer require precious office space.

Low maintenance and high reliability  
If you do not want to deal with all the hassle of maintaining a server, POP can take care of that for you. The CAMS server can hosted by POP, in which case it is connected to the Internet through multiple broadband connections with different ISPs, improving stability and availability, hassle free!


What does it take?  

One would think that a feature-packed system such as CAMS would cost an arm and a leg, but you can think again. You can rent this system for as low as $6000 per month. You will not only get the CAMS system, but also the installation service, server maintenance, as well as all rental costs for the hardware and broadband services.

A glimpse at CAMS